Transit Insurance

Transit Insurance

Transit insurance protects your belongings during your move and provides you with peace of mind

Transit Insurance

About the service

Whilst the care of your goods is our primary concern, no matter how careful our experienced packers are, unforeseen incidents can occur during transit or storage. That's why we offer insurance to all of our clients to give you peace of mind throughout the removal process.

What are my options?

If we are providing you with a pack and unpack service we can offer our comprehensive insurance which covers against damage and loss as well as electrical and mechanical derangement, pairs and sets replacement and damage caused by mould/mildew.

The 2 comprehensive options available are as follows:

All Risk “Lump Sum” insurance

This is very straightforward. It provides coverage for your whole shipment and the insurance premium is determined by the volume of your shipment. To calculate the value of your shipment, we have agreed with our insurers a value of HK$600 per cuft. Your premium is then worked out at 3.25% of the total value. For example, a 500cuft shipment would be valued at HK$300,000 and the premium is then 3.25% of this amount which is HK$9,750. Please note that under this policy there is a maximum claim of US$1,000 per individual item (but this can be increased if required).

For domestic and storage moves the premium is 2.5%.

Individual Itemized Insurance

This is a tailored insurance policy providing cost effective coverage based entirely on the value of the items that you wish to ship. It is best used in situations where you wish to insure some items but not all items. You just need to list the replacement value of the items that you wish to insure and then the insurance premium is worked out at 3.25% of the total amount. For example, if the replacement value of the items you wished to insure came to HK$50,000 the insurance premium would be HK$1,625.

For domestic and storage moves the premium is 2.5%.

Furthermore, if you only require a basic insurance policy or if we are not providing a pack/unpack service (i.e baggage shipments) then we can offer our Total Loss coverage as follows:

Total Loss insurance

This provides a basic level of coverage. It covers against the event of the whole shipment not being delivered (eg lost at sea) but not against partial delivery or for items found to be damaged upon delivery. The value of the shipment is calculated the same way as for All Risk/Lump Sum coverage above and the premium is 2.5% with a minimum premium of HK$850.

For further information please contact our team who will be happy to assist.

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