Social Responsibility & Code of Conduct

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Social Responsibility & Code of Conduct


  • SwiftRelo will be clear and open in their dealings with clients. We will not knowingly misrepresent facts to a client concerning any aspect of a removal transaction.
  • SwiftRelo will behave at all times with honesty and integrity in all their dealings with their clients and the general public (e.g. by providing clients with clear information, avoiding making additional charges for “hidden extras”, and acting fairly and responsibly when dealing with reasonable client concerns).
  • SwiftRelo will maintain a high standard of service to clients, trade fairly and responsibly and shall not conduct their business in any negative manner.
  • SwiftRelo will safely handle and adequately protect clients’ effects for transport and/or storage to minimise the possibility of accidental damage.
  • SwiftRelo will carry out an accurate assessment of the work required and provide fixed price written quotations without charge. Quotations shall include a clear description of the work to be undertaken.
  • SwiftRelo will provide relevant advice and information to the client free of charge prior to, during and after the removal takes place. Also, to ensure that all staff are sensitive to the needs of, and offer additional help to vulnerable clients (e.g. those for who English is not their first language, those with reading difficulties, or the physically disabled).
  • SwiftRelo will ensure that all employees are fully aware of the terms of the Code relevant to them and that they play their part in adhering to the Code.


  • All advertising and marketing material must be clear, legal and truthful.


  • SwiftRelo will provide the client with a clear description of the services to be delivered.
  • Quotations should include: services to be provided for, at what price, services which are excluded, information on the removal plan, terms of payment, incorporate an Acceptance form for the client’s written agreement to the costs and services defined.


  • SwiftRelo will offer insurance against loss or damage to household goods and personal effects.


  • Vehicles should be presentable, roadworthy and suitable for removal work
  • SwiftRelo shall keep a well maintained office area with reasonable access for clients when necessary.
  • SwiftRelo employees and subcontractors shall be presentable, polite and reliable.
  • All SwiftRelo staff shall be suitably qualified by means of an initial period of relevant training or adequate professional experience.
  • Packing materials and method used shall be suitable for the purpose required. Environmentally friendly, disposable materials should be used wherever possible, and in appropriate quantities for the protection and safe transport of the goods to be moved.
  • All consignments stored must be adequately identified and stored in such a manner as to protect them from damage, pilferage and confusion with other consignments.


  • SwiftRelo will ensure that all staff are instructed in the handling of complaints.
  • Staff will always adopt a friendly positive approach and avoid a negative attitude when handling a complaint.