Conditions of Trading

Contractual terms and definitions related to our services, ensuring clarity and transparency for customers.

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  • “Carrier” means any carrier by land, sea or air including but not limited to any ship owners or operators, lighter men, road haulers, operators of canal or land or transport of any type, railways or aircraft or others (unless the context forbids) includes all servants, agents, representatives and sub-contractors of such carrier or carriers and the warehousemen and/or forwarding agents engaged by such carrier or carriers.
  • The “Company” means SwiftRelo Ltd and (unless the context forbids) includes its, employees, agents, representative, contractors, sub-contractors and any persons carrying, handling, holding or storing the goods for it however under any contracts or subcontracts with it, including but not limited to any carriers, haulers, warehousemen and /or forwarders whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
  • “Contract” means the contract upon the face hereof in respect of the goods, which is upon and subject to these Conditions.
  • The “customer” means and includes (unless the context forbids) any or all persons or parties placing the orders or otherwise entering into the contract with the company, the shipper, consignee, sender, receiver and owner of any goods making use or otherwise taking benefits of any services of the company.
  • “Destination service” means and includes services specified in the quotation and agreed to by the parties to be rendered by the companies contractors at the destination address.
  • “FCL” means Full Container Load, which requires no consolidation prior to delivery to the carrier.
  • “Goods” means the items to be packed, stored, transported under this contract as described to and referred to in the quotation and in the packing list either by SwiftRelo or the customer, and does not include liftvans or other containers to be used in transport.
  • “LCL” means less than Container Load, and is delivered by SwiftRelo to the carrier, where the goods are consolidated with other customers of the carriers prior to shipment.
  • “Local transaction” means any transaction involving the moving of goods from one location to another location in Hong Kong.
  • “Overseas transaction” means any transaction involving the sending of goods abroad from Hong Kong.
  • The “Quotation” means the quotation rendered by SwiftRelo to the client on rates to be charged applicable to services requested by the client based on information provided by the client prior to the quotation.
  • Unless the context otherwise permits, in these conditions, plural shall include the singular and vice versa. Unless otherwise stated, these conditions apply to both local and overseas transactions.

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