One Tree For Every Move

At SwiftRelo, we want to have a positive impact on people and our planet.

Climate Change is Real

We understand the impact of local and international removals on the environment and specifically climate change.

Most of its devastating consequences on our planet and human lives will be irreversible if we don’t act now.

Our Contribution

We are committed to address the UN Sustainability Goal Number 13, to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.

Sustainability and energy efficiency is an important part of our day to day work, shaping the way we conduct our business.

To further our contribution, we have partnered with EcoMatcher to offer a direct solution to our clients to offset some of their carbon footprint involved in a removal.

For every move we do for a client, we adopt a newly planted tree on their behalf.

To ensure transparency and quality, our clients are able to track their tree using digital satellite maps, learn who is taking care of their tree in order for it to grow and survive and are informed of the benefits of the project on the surrounding community.

Turning emissions into trees

Whether you move across Hong Kong or internationally, you may worry that all that back and forth will use up too much fuel. Your carbon footprint – your usage of fossil fuel emitted into our atmosphere – will continue growing.

Our customers asked us to seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing our high-quality service or increasing costs. We listened to these requests and found a willing partner in EcoMatcher.

Benefits of tree planting

Trees sequester carbon and other greenhouse gas that significantly contribute to climate change and, in turn, replenish the atmosphere with oxygen.

Planting trees also helps to reduce soil salinity, combats wind and water erosion, enhances biodiversity and restores habitats for native animals.

Tree planting provides local employment, supports local businesses, villages and entire communities.

Our partnership with EcoMatcher

Contributing successfully to fully vetted causes isn’t an easy task. That’s why we’ve partnered with EcoMatcher, who work with carefully chosen reforestation and tree-planting organisations to fund offset projects that reduce climate impact while contributing to the surrounding communities.

Does this impact your moving costs?

Absolutely not! This initiative is our commitment to taking responsibility for climate impact and we won’t add any extra costs to our quotes.

When you choose SwiftRelo for your move you’re making a good choice in service and environmental responsibility.